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Tools and Supplies to Install Concrete Curbing Along Walkways
1 Concrete mixer
2 Wheelbarrow
3 Shovel
4 Trowel
5 Concrete edging tool
6 Rubber mallet
7 Tape measure
8 Level
9 Safety glasses
10 Work gloves

How to Install Concrete Curbing Along Walkways

Step-by-Step Guide: Installing Concrete Curbing for Walkways

Installing concrete curbing along walkways is a great way to enhance the appearance of your property while also providing a functional barrier between your lawn and walkway. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install concrete curbing along walkways:

Step 1: Plan the Layout
Before starting the installation process, it is important to plan the layout of the curbing. Determine the length and width of the curbing and mark the area with stakes or spray paint.

Step 2: Excavate the Area
Next, excavate the area where the curbing will be installed. Use a shovel or a small backhoe to dig a trench along the marked area. The trench should be approximately 6 inches wide and 4 inches deep.

Step 3: Install a Base
After excavating the area, install a base for the curbing. This can be done by pouring a layer of crushed rock or gravel into the trench. Use a tamper to compact the base and ensure it is level.

Step 4: Mix Concrete
Now it is time to mix the concrete. Follow the instructions on the bag of concrete mix and mix it in a wheelbarrow or mixing tray. The consistency should be similar to that of thick oatmeal.

Step 5: Pour the Concrete
Once the concrete is mixed, it is time to pour it into the trench. Use a trowel to spread the concrete evenly along the trench. Be sure to work quickly as the concrete will begin to set within 20-30 minutes.

Step 6: Smooth the Surface
After pouring the concrete, use a concrete float to smooth the surface. This will give the curbing a clean, finished look.

Step 7: Add Texture
If desired, add texture to the surface of the curbing. This can be done by using a broom or a trowel to create a pattern or texture on the surface of the concrete.

Step 8: Allow to Cure
Allow the concrete to cure for at least 24 hours before walking on it or installing any plants or decorations.

Step 9: Seal the Curbing
Finally, seal the curbing to protect it from weather and wear. Use a concrete sealer and apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

In conclusion, installing concrete curbing along walkways is a simple and effective way to enhance the appearance of your property. By following these steps, you can install concrete curbing with ease and enjoy the benefits for years to come.